Breda Netherlands

What to expect?

Breda Greeters offers visitors everything they are looking for.

Come to Breda, meet with one of the Breda Greeters and discover our beautiful city!

A Breda Greeter will show you the highlights of the city if that is what you are looking for. But we advise you to ask your Greeter to show you some of the hidden gems, things that you won’t find in a guidebook but will surprise you!  Or ask your Greeter for the best spots to get a coffee, ask what special pastries Breda offers, where you can find vintage clothing, or whatever you are interested in.

Your Greeter will tell you about Breda as well as about his/her personal life in Breda . Isn’t it great to find somebody who is willing to give time, experience, energy while you are here?

Feel free and sign up to meet with one of our Breda Greeters!